Secret Eyes Feel at “Home” with Nostalgic New Single

Pittsburgh-based post-hardcore band, Secret Eyes, have always found a way to stay ahead of the curve. Regardless of what the current musical climate is, they veer left and keep true on their path. Their latest single, “Home” is reminiscent of everything that you loved about late 00s post-hardcore in the vein of bands like Sleeping with Sirens, Saosin, etc. Higher-pitched guitar riffs, a pop-punk type vibe and, of course, a screamed bridge over a memorable riff. Even more impressive, though, is that this track takes a modern approach, with a melancholic subject matter and manages to keep it upbeat. Vocalist Seth Cooper sings of a toxic relationship and his struggle to get out while he could. Keeping in perfect rhythm with his guitar parts, he’s joined by lead guitarist Eric Lewis, who provides riffs that feel light/airy while also having a certain edge to them. Meanwhile, drummer Patrick Gallagher really shines on this track as the drum beats consistently bounce between the faster-paced rhythms that the genre is known for and a slower, more pop-punk drum style. Another thing worth noting, in the bridge, is that there are some interesting violin fills under the guitar solo.

One thing is for sure, each single they’ve released has had more to offer than the last. If these singles are any indication as to what direction their upcoming album will take, we are sure to be in for many more surprises! Keep your eyes peeled for more info, as we receive it!