Secret Eyes Strip Down for Melancholic New Single, “Talking Underwater”

Secret Eyes have long been known for emotional, ballad-like tracks but their latest, “Talking Underwater” takes the emotion to new heights. This is intensified by the captivating accompanying video. A piano-driven, somber melody lies underneath vocalist Seth Cooper’s signature, higher-range vocal stylings. Meanwhile, drummer Patrick Gallagher makes his presence known with expertly-timed, soft cymbal hits. The video features a couple who are going through a rough time, having finally realized that the end is near for them. There are moments of flashbacks that show when they were in a good place, along with shots of the distance that has grown between them. The woman in the video is seen mouthing some of the lyrics to the song, as a plea to the man, as they sit across from one another.. in an attempt to work things out. This track, while depressing in its content, was created in an effort to show that you don’t have to stay in a relationship that simply is not working out. People fall out of love, forcing a growing distance that, when left unchecked, can make one incredibly unhappy. It’s my belief that the band is doing their part to reach out to those affected by this issue and give them some form of closure in knowing that they will make it out. This is the band’s 4th single from their forthcoming album, Holding On, which is set for release in November (more details TBA). Be sure to check out each of the new tracks below to get an idea of their growing diversity as a band, follow them on social media and prepare for more to come, sooner than later.

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