Secret Eyes Tackle Betrayal in Emotive Single, “Never Gave a Damn”

Secret Eyes Tackle Betrayal in Emotive New Single, “Never Gave a Damn”

Some of Pittsburgh’s finest, Secret Eyes, have returned with their second single for new label, InVogue Records. This time, vocalist Seth Cooper sings about betrayal and how it affects both parties. “This felt so wrong, I’m moving on. Say what you want to but you never gave a damn about us,” he cries out, both in pain and in freedom from the shackles of a toxic relationship. In the newly-released music video, you can see both sides clearly struggling with what happened. The song, on the instrumental front, sounds melancholic but at the same time, it’s very driving and moving.” Check it out, along with the video for their first IVR single, “Buried Like Diamonds” below! Be sure to follow their social media channels because we’re certain that much more info is to come, including more info on their sophomore release (and debut for IVR).

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