Single: Absolution – Despotism [2013]


December is almost here; the darkest and coldest month of the year, also the time when most of you look back at all the best (and worst) releases of the last twelve months. Don’t stop searching for music just yet though. It wouldn’t be a noteworthy end of the year without AT LEAST one last single tearing your eardrums to pieces. The crushing deathcore band Absolution has just what you need; Despotism. This single does exacly what you have come to expect from these gentlemen; destroying everyone and everything with great furiosity and anger. The instrumentals display the perfect balance between concrete slams and maniacal shredding/drumming. As does the balance of the recording quality; expect a well-rounded mix of solid production and underground rawness(this seems to get better with every album the band releases). The vocals sound just a bit deeper and scratchier than before. Vocalist Aidan Kajan is mostly focusing on low growls and poisonous hardcore screams rather than the high screams this time around, giving Despotism a filthy hardcore finish.

Listening to ”Despotism” as well as last year’s EP Worlds Enemy has brought me to a simple conclusion; the debut album that is currently being made is promising to be THE most vile, raw and unforgivingly angry album to ever grace your fucking ears! Check out Absolution’s Facebook page to give them a like and download Worlds Enemy for free if you haven’t done so, fans of hardcore, death metal, deathcore or anything in between will absolutely love it (prolonged listening sessions might destroy your face). Also be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for next week when Despotism is unleashed upon the world. Trust me, it does an excellent job at getting you stoked for even more brutal things to come in 2014.

Listen to a teaser here.