NEW Single: Beacons – Scum [Single/2013]


Artist: Beacons

Single: Scum



In the early Summer of 2012, Florida-based metalcore act Beacons released an absolutely crushing EP by the name of Complications. Whether or not you’ve read the review of it (which can be read here) is irrelevant–what you need to know is that it was a diverse, progressive and stunningly heavy debut release whose excellence was amplified by the fact that it was just that–a debut. Following this stunning debut EP, Beacons followed up with a single at the onset of the year, entitled “The Dead March,” which further displayed the band’s perseverance and commitment to punishing, lacerating metalcore. Several months and one single later, Beacons are back and at it again with a rollicking, devastating and well-polished track, entitled “Scum.”

This is where I start gushing. Allow me to get one thing across: this track is flawless. While it still has the same primal, vicious fury found on tracks like “Wolves” from Complications, and maintains the band’s penchant for subtle progressive elements, a la “Scolds Bridle,” this track is a bastion to Beacons’ overwhelming maturation as a band. Drums and bass remain as cohesive as ever, but with an even stronger, more prominent low end, contrasted by splashier, brighter cymbal work. Furthermore, the guitars create such intricate structures that it’s hard to tell where lead ends and where rhythm begins. All of these elements are topped by the vocals, which, while far from serene, are most easily described as beautiful. Mixing wonderful elements of high pitched screams and low-down bellows with a grating yell (and the crowd favorite “blegh”), there is nothing not to love. However, all of these elements work together to make “Scum” stronger than the sum of it’s boundless parts. Beginning with a pummeling, lacerating riff which morphs into a gyrating, bouncy groove, “Scum” builds upon it’s own strong foundation to make a brilliant use of climax into a series of absolutely demolishing breakdowns which crush the listener into submission. Just when it doesn’t seem like the track will get any heavier–it does. But don’t take my word for it. Give “Scum” a listen by watching the fresh lyric video below and throw Beacons a “like” on Facebook to stay up-to-date with their endeavors, and understand why they are a beacon for all modern metalcore acts to admire.

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By: Connor Welsh

For Fans Of: Stray from the Path, Sworn In, Barrier, Bermuda