MINI Review: Boris the Blade – Malevolent [2013]


Since their very well recieved 2011 EP release ”Tides of Damnation”, the lads of the Australian Deathcore band Boris the Blade have been somewhat quiet about potential new releases and what direction the music would be headed in. Now with the long awaited release of a new single that bears the appropriate name ”Malevolent”, pessimists can choke on their words and long time fans (like myself) can get prepared to be blown the fuck away! ”Malevolent” will flood your expectations with lovely elements such as inhuman machine gun drumming, amazingly fast guitar shreddage, variable and aggressive vocal styles being blasted at you and a overall sickening wall of chaotic sound that will condemn you to listen to this one song again and again. The murderous heaviness that the band is known for is still present and accounted for and goes great with the newly added guitar sweeping and soloing. At times the influence of guitarist Roman Koester (ex-The Red Shore) can be clearly heard with his signature grooving and riffing, which is even more apparant here than it is on ”Tides of Damnation” and is a nice touch. It’s always nice to hear nothing but improvement to an already real solid sound when bands release new work, especially with a long waiting time in between. I’m happy to say that ”Malevolent” exceeded my (astronomical high) expectations! This new single does an amazing job in getting you stoked for future releases that Boris the Blade will throw at you, paving the way to an even more destructive path of knife cutting musical technicality and brutality in the process.

Rating: 10/10