NEW Single: Bury the Silence – Cybernetic Awakening [Single/2013]


Artist: Bury the Silence

Single: Cybernetic Awakening




It seems so often these days that even within the “progressive” styles of deathcore and metalcore, every new track is just a subtle variation on a tried-and-true theme. Sweeps? Yeah, sure. Chugs? You bet. Heavy-soft dynamics? Who doesnt use those? These repetitive structures that seem like crutches for the hobbling, stagnant deathcore scene are, by the same token, blessings. These structures establish marked familiarity–a pedestal by which all other acts are compared, so to speak. Does band A break it down as well as band B? But what about band C’s jazz interludes? Enter Michiganian technical deathcore act Bury the Silence, and their latest single, “Cybernetic Awakening,” a track which showcases the band as a group not simply satisfied with pushing the genre’s envelope (it does give a certain sense of pride to see this coming from some hometown heroes). Rather, Bury the Silence tear up the letter entirely and start anew, using the scraps as a template from which to create a whole new draft–a style of deathcore unlike any other. “Cybernetic Awakening” is a fluid, smooth journey wrapped inside of a harsh, devastating and unstoppable shell, which pulverizes the listener into submission, while all the while, elevating their senses to a whole new level.

“Cybernetic Awakening” is a winding, twisting, turning labyrinth of a song. Packed with absolutely lacerating and pummeling percussion, topped with razor-sharp shredding guitars and visceral, abusive vocals, each individual aspect of the track builds into a towering obelisk of sheer, punishing mayhem. Starting with a no-punches-pulled attack on the listener, Bury the Silence roar with deep, groovy guitars and mechanic, punchy drumming to create a heavy, low-down grave for the listener to lay in. However, as the vocal elements of the track progress, and it seems like the song is only going to get heavier, the chorus kicks in, giving the listener a momentary rest–a calm before the oncoming storm. This calm is shattered, however, by the time the climactic, tidal wave of a breakdown comes crashing upon the listener’s head. This is the finishing blow–the straw that shatters the camel’s spine. The listener’s ears, limping along–beaten, broken, but alive, are now completely eviscerated. The six-foot resting place the first four minutes of the track helped craft, through a winding and roundabout manner, has been filled. And while the listener feels thoroughly defeated by the lengthy, awesome attack waged by the band, they are also in a state of pure serenity. “Cybernetic Awakening” is nearly as much a workout for the listener’s ears as it is for the drummer’s quadriceps or the guitarists’ fingers: While it might seem almost a chore to finish the track, once the song subsides, the listener is in a state of sheer, exhaustive bliss. The track is a complete journey–with a strong beginning, a trying middle and a satisfying end.


By: Connor Welsh

Rating: 5/5

For Fans Of: My Bitter End, The Room Colored Charlatan, What’s Left Of Her, Irukandji, The Black Dahlia Murder