Single: His Dark Passenger – Slave to the Serpents [2013]


Like most of my other habits, my ever growing thirst for new and brutal music is always reaching excessive new heights, no matter how much music I find it will never be enough to satisfy me, atleast not for long.
This time the searching has led me to a UK Deathcore band that goes by the name of His Dark Passenger. If you are like me and love some headache causing raw chugging and drumming that will make your blood pressure rise, stop your searching for a minute and check out the recently released debut single called ”Slave to the Serpents‘, which is nothing less than a brutalizing fuckfest of intense instrumentals and viciously fast screaming aiming to shred your very being into a million pieces.

There are two very apparent Metal styles being used throughout ”Slave to the Serpents” that gives it that distinct razor sharp flavor, in one corner you have your crushing Hardcore and Death Metal influences that remind me of the more recent Metal releases but in the other corner a clear love for the old school chaotic Deathcore style can be heard, resulting in a two-teaming beatdown, kicking you in the head with a force that is the equivalent of a hydrogen bomb exploding in your face at point blank range.

With this single, His Dark Passenger has already made a solid base for their unrelenting and technical Deathcore sound, with these superb vocals and aggressive instrumentals I can’t wait to hear what these gentlemen will cook up next.