MINI Review: The Oppressor – Confrontation/Possession [2013]


Good news everyone! Some very interesting (and for me unexpected) news for those whole like utterly obliterating metal: The Oppressor is releasing a new album this summer and from the sound of their latest single ”Confrontation/Possession”, it promises to be something that you can’t afford to miss. If you never heard of this band, you are probably realizing that you have been missing out at this point, correct that mistake immediately and go check out their debut EP ”Failure” and be prepared for a distinct-yet addictive tsunami of skull bashing and anger-consumed metal. With this new single, The Oppressor uses the existing sound from that EP and adds even more energetic and head bangable guitar shreddage, earth-rupturing drums and some very evil/awesome lyrics for you to enjoy. I have been playing this new single for a whole day non stop and it’s not hard to see why; the signature style this band has established from the Hardcore, Death Metal and Deathcore genres give it such a fucking demolishing flow that you CANNOT sit still,  I’m confident that the upcoming album ”Baseborn” will be no different, so get stoked!