NEW SINGLE: Perdition – Throne of Exile [Single/2012]

Kansas symphonic deathcore crushers Perdition have released a new track entitled “Throne of Exile,” which features an already exquisite band at the top of their game. A relatively short song by standard means, “Throne of Exile” still has the symphonically immersive feel and epic structure of genre-mates Make them Suffer, with brutal, straightforward devastation that one has come to expect. Whirling, blazing guitars and lacerating, stinging vocals surround a pounding maelstrom of drums and bass. While these chaotic elements are all at work, Perdition are actually defying entropy, using this complex insanity to create a newly emphasized harmony and symphony of organized destruction. While the newfound symphonic beauty on “Throne of Exile” is wonderful, do not make the mistake of assuming Perdition are any less heavy, as this single is more than skin-rending and bone-splitting enough to placate fans of their previous sound.

For Fans Of: Make Them Suffer, The Bridal Procession, Oceano, Bound by Exile

By: Connor Welsh/Eccentricism

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