Single Review – Adelitas Way – “Ready For War (Pray For Peace)”

Artist: Adelitas Way

Song: “Ready For War (Pray For Peace)”

Rating: 9/10


Adelitas Way have emerged with a couple singles thus far while working on their new album. The track “Ready for War (Pray for Peace)” is my focus and it has also been accompanied by a lyric video with some imagery on war and how it tears us apart. The video consists of fighters planes, a soldier holding his baby with his wife (also the cover art for the single), soldiers marching to war to all out destruction and mayhem.

The song itself hits home with lyrics like
“You talk a mile a minute. You take the truth and spin it. You took it to the limit (don’t blame me)
Survival of the fittest. You cut my fuse and lit it”

And of course the tagline to the song:

“I pray for peace but I’m ready for war. I pray for change ’cause I’ve been here before. I pray for peace but I’m ready for war.”

The layout of the song is heavy with guitar riffs and some high octane vocals. Rick DeJesus really shows us how much he is trying to speak how he feels about protecting what we care about from evil, and things that don’t want peace in this world.

Overall I think Adelitas Way has made it clear this song is about protecting your loved ones and household from things that can tear them apart. Soldiers and Fathers alike should always look out for the safety of those closest to them. It’s a really powerful song with some intense imagery. We look to see the album released this year with this track included. Adelitas Way is in the studio as we speak.

Official “Ready for War (Pray for Peace)” lyric video

Official audio video for “Tell Me”

Adelitas Way is

Rick DeJesus

Trevor Stafford

Robert Zakaryan

Andrew Cushing