SINGLE REVIEW: Bloodline Severed – Fire [2016]


Band: Bloodline Severed
Single: Fire
Genre: Death Metal/Djent
Release Date: 11-1-2016

It’s always a joy to see a band that has seemingly gone silent for more than a year drop some new tunes, especially whenever they are as sick and downright heavy as Bloodline Severed’s new track, “Fire”. This isn’t a misnomer, this new single from their upcoming, and as of yet untitled, album is indeed fire, and it will no doubt ignite an urge to headbang and mosh in the living room every single day until the rest of the album drops sometime in 2017.

Bloodline Severed has shown from their previous work, “Letters to Decapolis”, that they can craft a beastly and satisfying fusion of death metal and metalcore elements, and “Fire” keeps this trend ablaze. This time, however, Bloodline Severed has gone in a djent-y direction with their usual formula and it works very well with their sound.

If “Fire” is indicative of the rest of the upcoming release, then this is definitely NOT one to sleep on! You can check out the windmill-inducing track at the link below, and even pick it up at your own price (at least at the time of this review). For fans of death metal, metalcore, djent, or new and upcoming bands, Bloodline Severed seems to have something delightfully brutal in the works and “Fire” will whet your metal appetite for it!

— Chad

Check out “Fire” below!