SINGLE REVIEW: Conquer Divide “Eyes Wide Shut”


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Conquer Divide is an all female post-hardcore band that is out to prove they can play with the big boys. Five girls with a passion for music, don’t let their beauty distract you from their amazing music. Their first single “Eyes Wide Shut” is a major preview of things to come for them. Produced by Joey Sturgis, “Eyes Wide Shut” comes out hard with an infectious guitar riff and some of the best drum work I’ve heard this year and starts off hard. The vocals are unique, but at the same time are like a hardcore Paramore. Clean vocals Kiarely has a voice that is both soothing and piercing to the ears. Screamer Suzie has a scream that is sharp and flowing. The screams and cleans mix flawlessly and are some of the best I’ve heard in a long time from a female vocalist. I might catch flak for this, but these might be better than even the best of female vocals out there, going on par with Hayley Williams, Amy Lee, and Maria Brink. The intstrumentals are hard hitting and fast paced, pounding your ears with a harmony of one of the best sounds from the post-hardcore genre this year. These girls came to play and prove they can hang with the best of them. Be sure to keep your eye on Conquer Divide, as they are primed and ready to take the post-hardcore scene by storm and they won’t let anyone stop them! Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming debut album and stay with New Transcendence for more music and news from one of the best new bands of 2013!

You can watch the lyric video below.