SINGLE REVIEW: Dead By April “As A Butterfly”


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Dead By April is one of the best underrated Swedish metal bands out there today. Forgoing the traditional anger that seems to be coming from the more popular metal bands from Sweden (In Flames, Meshuggah, Arch Enemy, etc.), Dead By April instead chooses to sing about heartache, personal empowerment, and remeberance. Some call this band the metal Backstreet Boys, but that’s taking away credit from this phenomenal band.

After the departure of original vocalist Jimmie Strimmel, the band quickly got back into it with new screamer Christoffer Andersson and hit the studio. Preparing to release their third studio album “Let the World Know”, DBA has released the first single “As A Butterfly” to the masses. This track is a stellar way to introduce Christoffer and show off what is coming up on the new album. With a message that plays out like the perfect love note (no matter what happens and no matter where you go, even if I can’t be there in person I’ll always be there “silent as a butterfly, I’ll be flying beside you, watching above you”), this is classic Dead By April, and they’re at the top of their game. Christoffer kills it on screaming and is an amazing takeover after the departure of Jimmie. Zandro is still phenomenal on cleans with a voice like an angel. Pontus is showing off his prowess on both guitars and keyboards and is better than ever. The drum work by Alexander is pounding but not overpowering, and the bass playing by Marcus holds it all together in the background.

Overall, this is the best way to kick off the promotion and hype for “Let the World Know” and will surely gain the band some new fans while impressing the faithfuls as well. Get ready because Dead By April is ready to “Let the World Know” they are at the top of their game!