SINGLE REVIEW: Demolisher – Violent Society [2014]


Artist: Demolisher

Single: Violent Society


We are surrounded by a culture obsessed with malevolence—not just fascinated, intrigued or amused by it, but dependent upon it. The very scent of blood—the image of tearing flesh and carnal disorder is enough to widen our nostrils and dilate our eyes—send shivers running up and down the length of our spines. As a culture, we need violence and misanthropy enough to propogate it, and nothing serves as better proof than “Violent Society,” the latest single by Illinois deathcore juggernauts Demolisher. “Violent Society” gags and binds the listener with suffocating, invasive heaviness and beats them senseless with skull-crushing blow after skull-crushing blow, leaving them broken, bloody and weary without any chance of recovery: only the growing shadow of their imminent demise.

Rather than a slow, climactic build-up to a brief and unremarkable revolution, “Violent Society” is a full-blown riot. Cymbals as sharp and splashy as broken glass tear the listener’s skin, while deep, pounding bass and kick drum work wonders with a devastating one-two punch to the listener’s gut. The introduction to “Violent Society” is a cacophony of complete chaos. However, just as the listener gets a break—a brief, atmospheric reprieve from the onslaught—they’re plunged once more into an even more crushing maelstrom of misery and misanthropic madness. This time, it doesn’t just fade away or end. The guitars that, for a moment, took on crystal, serene clarity are back, muddier and beefier than before, demoralizing the listener with dense, oppressive heaviness. Furthermore, the percussion becomes simply raunchy, getting ever slightly more punctual yet exponentially more punishing. And just as Demolisher’s instrumental intensity builds, the lyrics become darker and more intense, as Adam Warren’s gruff, trademark growl becomes deeper and more sinister, haunting the listener and taking over their mind, corroding their cognitive ability. In this way, “Violent Society” forces the listener to make a choice: either embrace violence and fight back—the only chance at survival they’re afforded—or choose pacifism, and ultimately, death.

It isn’t too often that a band is true to their name—but Demolisher are. Steamrolling the listener with dynamic, destructive riffs and immense, creative song structure, “Violent Society” is a thoroughly oppressive track that will have the listener fighting for their lives and loving every minute of it.



For Fans Of: Traitors, Feign, Beneath the Veil, Oceano, Existence, Towers

By: Connor Welsh