Single Review: To Every Enemy “The Nirvana Principle”


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To Every Enemy is a post-hardcore band hailing from south-central Texas. Breaking away from the ordinary with a crisp sound combing hitting melodies and crushing yet soothing vocals, this is a band that has the power to stand out in a genre filled with so many imitators. Their newest single, “The Nirvana Principle”, is a powerful example of this trait. Heavy, smooth, and melodic, this is what post-hardcore is supposed to be. No sissy stuff, all power. The cleans in the song sound similar to Digitial Summer, but despite the resemblance, still have a unique flair to them. The guitar work is absolutely amazing, albeit nothing flashy. That is in no shape or form a bad thing, of course. It shows that you don’t need to be overly complicated to have a strong side. The drums are amazing, but again it’s nothing flashy. It does what it’s supposed to do and it works. The bass is the line that holds it together, like most are. There’s only one issue I have with the song: The screams. They’re great, but at times they are lacking. I feel like the lows aren’t 100% consistent, and sometimes falter. It’s nothing big, but they can be better in some areas. Despite this issue, I feel like this song is a great expression of the style this band has and I forsee great things for them.

Score: 9/10

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Battle Of The Bands 2014 “To Every Enemy”