Single Review — Exclusive Single from Big Story — “Daydream”



Artist: Big Story

Album: Due For Release Spring 2017

Single: “Daydream”


I was given an amazing opportunity to showcase a breakout single for the up and coming band Big Story, a progressive alternative rock band from Dallas, Texas that has toured with such names as Seether, Fuel, Marcy Playground and Our Lady Peace. Things are looking up and up for this band and I’m glad to be in the mix. Let’s get to the music.

The single release for “Daydream” from their upcoming EP, comes out the gate with melodic and piercing vocals. Showcasing an easy going intro building up to the guitar work and beautiful vocals hitting a range that’s most impressive. This will be a breakout single for Big Story as they blaze across the States while on tour. I find Randall Stephens vocals hit on a range we havent really heard in a long time. The band is quoted saying, “We are into capturing the impulsive and innovative, while keeping a thoughtful and timeless approach to writing songs..Basically We like music.” And there it is completely spoken like an already timeless artist in the making. I don’t think you can ask more of a band than just that.

Be sure to call and request, “Daydream” from your favorite rock radio station. Let’s show Big Story support as they burn a path across the radio waves. 



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