SINGLE REVIEW: Falsifier – “Malevolent” [2015]


Artist: Falsifier

“Malevolent” – Single

Bitterness and disgust for mankind can take all manner of shapes and sizes. It can be as subtle as stepping on an untied shoelace or as sinister as smothering someone in their sleep. Evil is evil, and it exists on earth in countless forms–but none so potent as the latest single by Canadian crucifiers in Falsifier. “Malevolent” lives up to its name: it is vast, vicious and visceral, a true testament to mankind at its most malicious. With moments of lurid, grimy heaviness and grotesquely catchy grooves, “Malevolently is the finest offering yet from a band which can do seemingly nothing but succeed.
“Malevolent” opens on an eerie note, and, for the next three minutes, not much changes. What does change is the intense aggression and powerful penchant for punishing heaviness that Falsifier fling at the listener. “Malevolent” is like watching a body rot in slow motion: it begins with structure and rigid, jabbing blows–but before long, it gets meaty and putrid, as quick blast-beats devolve into devastating breakdowns and surreal slams. Falsifier employ an analogous lyrical and vocal approach–as “Malevolent” carries on, practiced anger gives way to raw, emotional rage, amplified by the appearance of a simply devastating vocal appearance. Just as the listener thinks the track has come to a close, a new, nefarious voice as scathing as satan’s rings out, ripping the listener’s ears clean off.
“Malevolent” is musical murder–premeditated and punishing, as Falsifier act with raw, reproachful vengeance. This single is the band devastating their previous apex and establishing an all-new apex, forcing the listener to simply wonder with awe at what could possibly come next.