SINGLE REVIEW: Filth – Collapse [2015]


Artist: Filth

“Collapse” – Single


From the moment the listener presses “play,” they are awash in pure aural waste. Grime coats their ears and visceral, thick refuse restrains their arms and legs. They are paralyzed–eyes wide, mouth open, flooded with Filth: the latest and greatest heavier-than-hell and slower-than-sin Deathcore band to sweep the scene. The brainchild of members of InVoker and Impale the Betrayer, Filth are exactly what the listener might expect: relentless, remorseless and raw, as their debut single “Collapse” is a disgustingly devastating display of downtempo deathcore that will reduce the listener’s brain to grime and rubble.

Even though it may begin subtly, make no mistake, “Collapse” is crushing from the first dissonant chug to the last fading snare crack. Waves of grungy, grotesquely dissonant guitar and bass crash and roll over looming, immense percussion and synchronize to smash into the listener’s head, splintering every square inch of their skull. Even in the rare moments when Filth seem to gain even an extra beat per minute of speed, they still move like a musical steamroller, driven by a tortoise: slow, calculated and flattening. Each breakdown the band launch at the listener descends lower and lower into the hellish pits of prodigal downtempo mastery, until finally the song reaches its breaking point–a climactic breakdown surrounded with low, grimy bellows so earth-shaking it shatters the only pillars supporting the song; forcing it to collapse on the listener, burying them alive in a mountain of meaty, murderous deathcore mastery.


For Fans Of: InVoker, Black Tongue, Traitors, REX

By: Connor Welsh