SINGLE REVIEW: Limp Bizkit “Thieves”

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So Limp Bizkit has been a polarizing figure in music since they started. It was love or hate. There was very little in between for this band. Putting aside the douchebag antics of frontman Fred Durst, this band has released some decent music in the past. They signed to Cash Money Records back in February (yes, the label run by mainstream hip-hop group YMCMB) and dropped their first single Ready To Go shortly afterwards. It was an okay track, but a lot feel it was ruined by Lil Wayne being on it. Well, they have now dropped their second single off their upcoming album…And it’s one of the worst songs to ever enter my ears. Limp Bizkit covered the song “Thieves” by Ministry. And I never expect covers to be better than the original, but I also don’t expect the band covering the song to completely butcher it and make it sound like the aftermath of a late night binge on six month old Taco Bell. The vocals from Durst are horrendous. He tries throwing in his usual party stuff like “WOO!” and “JUMP JUMP!” which absolutely does not fit in this track. I understand putting your own twist on a track, but don’t make a song about evil people into a party song. The instrumentals are okay and the only good part of the cover. All in all, this is up there with the worst songs of 2013. The song is available for free on their official site. The new album “Stampede of the Disco Elephants” is due out in January 2014, and I am seriously hoping the rest of the album doesn’t sound as bad as this did.

Vocals: 1/10
Instrumentals: 5/10

Overall: 3/10