Single Review – Of Mice & Men – Unbreakable

    So, as many of you may have seen, a new single from Of Mice & Men has released. The reason why many of us have taken to such a notable turn to this single, via various different platforms, is due to this being the first single, or song for that matter being released, since Austin Carlile has left the band. There have been a lot of mixed feelings from what I myself have witnessed over many social platforms, now it’s our turn here at New Transcendence to provide an input.

    Currently, OM&M as of right now with the following single released, is seeming to return to its roots in The Flood and is meshed with the sound that they had obtained in Cold World. It’s also something to note that Aaron is now taking on both the role of scream vocals, as well as cleans. In relevance to the vocals, in the new single, they actually sound quite solid. While it’s a shame to see Austin’s sound dissipate, it’s incredible to see that OM&M came out swinging with a robust sound that still somewhat holds the essence of what makes OM&M them. High hopes are being held for a new and amazing album that will follow the trend of this single.

    As for a review of the music video and song itself, while there have been similar ideas for videos, this one is especially interesting. We find ourselves with shots of the band while also encountering this protagonist in a sort of Fallout-isque based world. The symbolism in this and in the lyrics would seem to strongly point towards the idea that, as the song stats and the video shows, that they, the band and the protagonist are unbreakable, or that their will will be unbroken. The focus I’d like to shift to is the band however. For the band, one could imagine that this is relatively based on the fact the band just lost it’s original screaming vocalist who has played such a huge role in OM&M, and are making a statement that they will move steadfast and strong towards their musical ambitions, despite this fallout, if you will.

   Overall, this seems to be a good sign for things to come. They seem to be bringing a sound back we have all sorely missed, and that is something I’m sure many fans, Carlile fans or not, can appreciate. If you’ve yet read up on any articles approaching Unbreakable’s release, the music video released as of yesterday will be placed below for your listening pleasure.

Score: 9/10