Single Review: As Paradise Falls – “Equilibrium” [2014]


Artist: As Paradise Falls

“Equilibrium” – Single


Practically everything in existence interacts with its environment throughout a series of “give” and “take” exchanges. This precarious balance is known as the concept of equilibrium—a state of dynamic flux that allows for life as we know it to carry on in a sustainable fashion—and when it comes to dynamic, fluid instrumentation that toggles seamlessly between marvelously technical and back-breakingly heavy, none do it better than As Paradise Falls. With their latest single, “Equilibrium,” As Paradise Falls provide the listener with a musical lesson in this crucial concept: providing a mixed back of murderous, raunchy breakdowns and scalding, skin-melting technicality, “Equilibrium” is a fluid, intense track that is the product of a finely tuned band operating in perfect harmony.

“Equilibrium” begins with a rush of pummeling, punchy percussion and rampant speed, tearing through the listener’s eardrums at a mile-a-minute pace. Here, technicality reigns as king; blast beats toggle on-and-off with drop-of-a-dime fills and furiously fretted riffs that are neither too shreddy or dull, and shrieked, high vocals dominate over the high-strung instrumentation. However, as “Equilibrium” carries on, As Paradise Falls slowly begin to take the tempo down, trading in energy and speed for burning, brooding aggression. Where “Equilibrium” initially hit like a series of jabs and stabs, it matures into a searing, lingering singe—as deep, plodding bass tones and punctual, flattening chugs steamroll the listener in a slow, but sure manner—as callous, guttural roars and harsh mid-range yells serve as a soundtrack to the listener’s suffering. In this respect, the track gives the listener the best of both worlds—an initial rush of adrenaline and a perky, punishing high akin to joyriding in a stolen car. But as the track matures, the adrenaline curdles to toxin in the listener’s bloodstream, and that stolen car is quickly tracked down by the police, cashing in on the band’s penchant for raw, visceral heaviness. While it might not be the governing law of nature taught the same way as your middle school science teacher taught it, “Equilibrium” is a perfect lesson in balance and well-rounded, masterfully written musicianship that fans of heavy music will want to find themselves jotting down notes to.


For Fans Of: The Stratgem, Nexilva, Within the Ruins, Thy Art is Murder