Single Review – Shapes & Sizes – Top 10 Anime Betrayals

There have been many bands that have made their way into this lovely and aesthetic world. This one in particular reigns from Oklahoma and is bringing back with it some very familiar sounds. Sounds you might expect to hear from 2006-2007. If you guessed an easy-core sound with a heavy dosage of auto-tune, synth, and tasty chords, then you guessed correctly. This is their extremely recent single Top 10 Anime Betrayals, take a listen below.


   Jumping into this track, we get greeted to a very mellow and nifty beat. Then, the beat breaks into some classic and catchy easy-core/metal-core type chords/riffs. You get some lovely auto-tune to really add some nostalgia to the experience. Also, as the song goes on, we are treated of course, to some growls, false chord highs, and to make it all the sweeter, there is rap in both screams and in the normal sense. Also, if you like quirky lyricism, then this is definitely gonna quench your thirst.

   This band has been working hard on getting content ready for its fans and it looks like it will be a solid delivery of content just from what I personally have heard from this single and the past music video for the track A Hole In This Town, which will also be below this section.  I would have to give this a 7. While this single is super catchy and generally fun to listen to, I feel there could be more to have been expanded on. However, I’m sure that this will be achieved as the band goes on. Give them some listens and buy some goods while you’re at it.

Score: 7/10