SINGLE REVIEW: Victims – De/tached [2015]


Artist: Victims 

“De/tached” – Single


At a point in everyone’s development, it becomes crucial for them to learn about themselves—to spend time alone in order to develop their own identity. While a temporary removal from the constant hustle and bustle of social settings is a useful tool for psychological development, what happens when something intended to be short-lived becomes permanent? When a short-lived isolation becomes a long-term removal? You get the latest single from insane  Illinois-based nu-metalcore act Victims, aptly titled “De/tached.”While Victims are the same metalcore maniacs that brought us 2014’s Sickness Vol. I, their latest single shows us a more mature and synchronized band, more able to expertly work together to crush the listener with pointed, punishing aggression disguised in a depressive, manic guise.

“De/tached” is a short, sinister burst of catchy, bouncy heaviness that is, essentially, everything the listener could want from the Victims they know and love. The percussion is still fast and relatively standard—with sparse flashes of technicality to add color—that allows low, groovy bass to add punch to the song’s breakdowns and assists in transitioning the song from jagged, nu-metallic riffing to deep, dissonant chugs. Instrumentally, Victims don’t reinvent the wheel or move to a new sound—they are simply tighter and catchier than the already excellent efforts that defined their previous work. The same trend applies to the song’s vocal element—only infinitely more noticeable. Frontman Nicho Brewer’s voice sounds much more tormented and mature—as the months that have passed in the interim between releases have added relative years of depression and malevolence to his vocal cords. Brewer’s default scream is much beefier—giving clearer and catchier hooks and vivid, explosive transitions into grisly bellows and sharp screams. Brewer takes the already solid track and makes it a stand-out display of nu-infused heaviness.

Echoing in your head long after its two-and-a-half minutes is up, “De/tached” is a devastating display of music prowess by Victims—giving the listener every reason to see if there’s a Sickness Vol. II around the corner.


For Fans Of: Sworn In, Barrier, Yuth Forever, Introvert

By: Connor Welsh