SINGLE REVIEW: Voices – “Derelict”


Artist: Voices

“Derelict” – Single


It starts as a faint whisper—a subtle breeze flowing through your ear and into your brain. But slowly, it builds—bouncing off the walls of your skull like an echo, gaining force and fury with each repetitive thud. Before long, it manifests itself as pure, burning evil; it becomes a voice. This voice is the latest-and-greatest bone-crushingly brutal thing to come out of Texas: Voices, and their single “Derelict.” Led by pummeling percussion, driven by rampaging, relentless vocals and carved by sharp, glimmering guitars, “Derelict” is the sound of a band that has found their true voice, and know just how to shout it out.

“Derelict” is as bouncy as a tennis ball, but heavier than an anvil, destroying every surface it comes in contact with. Beginning with a head-banging, jaw-dropping groove that winds its way inside the listener’s ears and infects their mind. Before long, this infectious, disastrously catchy groove ignites into a vivacious, raging fire—burning the listener from the inside out, as furiously-fretted leads weave in and out of punchy, raunchy percussion to erode the listener from the inside out. Voices don’t stop here, however, as their momentum keeps building, growing as “Derelict” continues to degenerate and get heavier—until finally, every element of the band’s destructive, intense dynamic comes together in a climactic breakdown that is nothing short of pure, elemental violence. Insane, deep and dissonant guitars are hammered into the listener’s wrists and feet by powerful drumming, as the vocals crown the listener with a halo of thorns, crucifying them with punctual fury. The Voices that infect your mind in the form of “Derelict” have condemned you to your fate: death by down-tempo deathcore.


For Fans Of: Barrier, Kingmaker, Villains, Beacons, REX

By: Connor Welsh