Single Review: Like Vultures “Thrift Shop”


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Like Vultures just dropped their debut EP Obsessed back in January, and they are back. Continuing the popular trend made famous by the Punk Goes Pop series, they are taking a shot at the mega popular rap song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis known as Thrift Shop. A little back story on the track, Thrift Shop hit it huge upon release, opting to talk about being thrifty and saving money by buying cheap clothes instead of paying outrageous costs for designer wear. An instant hit, the song topped the Billboard Hot 100 and made Macklemore and Ryan Lewis household names overnight. So, how did the boys in Like Vultures do with this track? They killed it. Simply put, this is Punk Goes Pop quality sound. After the what what what intro that annoyed parents everywhere, it knocks you on your ass in a heartbeat. Jacob Krueger has the screams that can rival the best of the genre. Jacob’s vocals, to put it simply, is like the fusion of Phil Druyor and Austin Carlile. It’s piercing, heavy, and simply amazing. Angel Garcia is still killing it on synth and you can hear it perfectly here. Ricky Sixx has the riffs and the power that has only improved since Obsessed, and Tristen Guillam drum blasts are like orgasmic blasts against your eardrums. The quartet metalcore outfit from Washington has improved, and I see great things for these boys. Be sure to pick up this single, and check out Obsessed while you’re at it! I promise, you will NOT be disappointed with this band.

Instrumental: 10/10
Vocals: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

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