SINGLE REVIEW: Whitechapel “The Saw Is The Law”


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Whitechapel is highly regarded as one of the frontrunners in the deathcore genre, and have been for quite some time. Four albums under their belt and consistent touring for every release, they have never disappointed when it came to delivering hard-hitting and fast-paced brutality. Back again in 2014, Whitechapel is gearing up to unleash a brand new album upon the unprepared masses of this world entitled “Our Endless War” on April 29th.

The first single off the brand new album, “The Saw Is The Law”, is simply amazing. It’s not perfect, but it is close. Phil’s vocals are on point as always, and he even unleashes a new fast scream. Each fast passage absolutely blew me away. Every scream and growl is smooth and grips you by the neck, tighten its grip with each passing word. The instrumentals are powerful soundwaves that blow your ears apart, throwing you in the air by your already gripped neck and slamming you into the cold, hard ground repeatedly. While most of the song is on point, the final breakdown seems drawn out and dull. It’s not bad, but I feel the song could’ve gone without it and not have been affected. It just drags it down and keeps it just shy of perfection.

Improving their already stellar craft and honing it to a sharp point ready to pierce the ears of every listener, Whitechapel is back and stronger than ever for 2014. The sextet from Knoxville is out to finally prove they are the true kings of deathcore, and if this track is any indication, they’re primed to do just that.

Score: 9/10

Check out the new song below: