SINGLE REVIEW: WolveXhys – Mumakil (Single/2013)


Artist: WolveXhys

Single: Mumakil


It’s not too often that a listener can track a band’s progression and diversity over the course of a series of tracks–not full length releases, but standalone singles. UK’s WolveXhys are the exception that proves the rule. With their latest single, “Mumakil,” the band have collectively honed in on another facet of their unceasingly devastating brand of deathcore: groove and melody. While the band’s first single, “Enslaver A.D.” was skull-splittingly brutal, “Cannibals” was a more straight-forward approach to the band’s penchant for beatdown, and “Concord Dawn” showcased a downtuned, devastating display of down-tempo deathcore, “Mumakil” is a track which lives up to it’s name in being a simply mammoth undertaking, displaying progressive, groovy songwriting with stunning lyrical concepts to create an experience so immersive, the listener can easily find themselves lost in it.

“Mumakil” begins its grandiose attack on the listener with a series of pulsing, pounding and groove-laden breakdowns laced with bitter, strung-out vocals. These vocals persist throughout the track to add depth and volume to the already incredibly lyrical themes in the track. In this manner, WolveXhys have truly stepped up their game. The oscillation between straightforward aggression and clever, underhanded atmosphere play to the strengths of the lyrics–especially nearing the middle of the track, where vocalist Rhys Whitehouse bellows “mirror mirror, on the wall…”. From this point forward, the song is a lurid, twisted journey which takes the listener on a through the twisted, severe and misanthropic parts of WolveXhys’ worst nightmares.

WolveXhys are a band who have been constantly pushing at the boundaries of deathcore and incorporating and emphasizing new elements with each track. At this rate, the band’s upcoming full length, Servants of Penance and Purification will be one of the most diverse, immersive and stunning experiences to grace the genre.


For Fans Of: Nexilva, Oceano, Bermuda, (Old) Martyr Defiled

By: Connor Welsh