Single(Cover): Gift Giver – Last Resort [2013]


From the people that arguably gave you one of the most angriest EP’s that the year 2013 has spawned thus far, comes this new small little gift in the form of a cover, and one of the better covers of recent times at that. The metal genre does not have many sing-a-longs or lyrics that are easily remembered; either because of the complexity of the lyrics or the inhuman screaming but when you hear the words ”cut my life into pieces” I’m pretty sure that you would be able to fill in the blanks. I’m still not convinced if a mainstream Metal song covered by some hardened underground Hardcore band is the most brilliant idea in general, but Gift Giver pulled it off with solid success anyway, giving you a song with the signature nail splitting sound you would expect from Gift Giver. The biggest similarities are of course the lyrics but this cover is not an exact copy, except for some key instrumental parts in the song this is pretty much all new stuff that will motivate to bash your head (or someone else’s) into a brick wall, effectively making an old song new again. If you didn’t know the original (or just hate Papa Roach for some reason), now is the time to pull your head out your ass and see why so many people lose their mind over ”Last Resort”.