SLAM WORLDWIDE SINGLE REVIEW: Within Destruction – “Human Defect” [2018]

Artist: Within Destruction 

“Human Defect” – Single Review 


Slam police be damned, Within Destruction are back. 

Effortlessly blending raw, ruthless traditional deathcore with heavier overtones of brutal slamming death metal to create a punchy, pummeling, no-holds-barred and no-fucks-given approach to heavy music, the same act that brought us a prodigal debut in Void are back for seconds. “Human Defect” sees the band expand upon the styles and sounds that made Void such an impeccable release (see the link to our review below), adding sharper production, more dynamic and fluid song structure and a fun, gimmicky video into the mix to up the ante. Everything from the dizzying, lightning-like percussion from Luka Vezzosi to the furiously fretted riffs and slams (courtesy of Damir Juretic and Krisjan Bajuk) beefed up by bassist Janez Skumavc is next-level, strategically using breakdowns and an unfathomably heavy climactic slam to serves as apices to the peaks and grisly, gritty troughs dug by the band’s ungodly instrumentation. Overtop of it all, frontman Rok Rupnik dominates, growing exponentially over the efforts of both his previous work with the band (which was still excellent) and the efforts of many of his peers. He is the final piece to the puzzle that makes “Human Defect”–and Within Destruction by extension—the contribution to 2018 that the heavy music community didn’t even know it needed. Crushing from start to finish without relying on a series of palm muted chugs and dull, lethargic drum lines, “Human Defect” is a gargantuan display of grotesque aggression that serves as an almost-unfair tease for what the remainder of the band’s sophomore album has in store. 



For Fans Of: Ingested, Vulvodynia, Oceano, Hollow Prophet, Slaughter to Prevail 

By: Connor Welsh 

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