Smile Empty Soul Has Returned With New Tracks “Sides” and “Stars” w/ a Video To Accompany Release/House Of Rock Show

Artist: Smile Empty Soul

Tracks: “Sides” and “Stars” w/ accompanying video

Album: Oblivion

Tour Package: Smile Empty Soul/Stella Lost

Venue: House Of Rock

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Local Support’ Resz, THC (The Highest Control)

Rating: 10/10



I was given an amazing opportunity to see Smile Empty Soul live at the House Of Rock in Corpus Christi, Tx on Feb 2nd and it was one hell of a show. There are always those shows you’d love to be on the guest list and this is one of those shows for sure. Here are a few of my photos from that show:

Even scored the setlist:

And a quick photo with Leadman Sean:


Smile Empty Soul’s performance was great and nostalgic to say the least. A track that stuck out to me was ,”Sitting Ducks” from his album, “Chemicals” which Sean played with alot of emotion and had a great plethora of all his discography to enjoy. You can see that by the setlist it was an amazing show to have to opportunity to cover, but now on to the album “Oblivion” and the new tracks , “Sides” and “Stars” and my thoughts on them. The LP “Oblivion” will be released on May 25th. The new single “Sides” is now streaming and it’s quite the track to hear, the album, “Oblivion” is now up for pre-order on iTunes.

Sides” is definitely nostalgic, that’s a given upon first listen. Sean Danielson’s vocals are still on the same level, naturally. Sean has some really mellow and solemnly insane vocals I’ve ever seen live. The album and it’s live counterparts are solid musically and lyrically to capture the same grunge and angst-like aggressive portrayal he puts into all his music.

The track, “Stars” has a very solemn and haunting guitar intro, until Sean’s vocals enter to linger on your eardrums in this chilling work of art. The track is a very progressive and delivers in a haunting and eerie way, and while a slow song it still has that aggressive-ness that your reminded up when Sean’s hit a intense heights at about the two minute mark reminding of what we’ve been missing from the band all these years. Look for the album on May 25!


Hear Empty Soul’s track “Sides” here:

Official video for “Stars

Pre-order, “Oblivionhere


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