Review: Solaris – The Art of Emptiness – 2013


Solaris is a progressive Deathcore/Death Metal band hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. The band was formed in 2012 and self-released their first EP titled “The Art of Emptiness” this January.  When it comes to progressive Deathcore two of the first bands that come into your mind are probably Born of Osiris or Veil of Maya.  This thought is not generally wrong, but Solaris comes around with a unique and crushingly heavy sound that makes “The Art of Emptiness” essential for every prog. Deathcore fan.

This review might turn out to be an over and over positive one without any negative points.   Even though I am trying to be objective. But “The Art of Emptiness” just sounds perfect to me and leaves me no choice.  Lets start with the professional recording which gives the EP a really powerful, but well balanced sound.  Of course these guys know how to treat their instruments well, shredding & poly-rhythmic guitar riffs.   Combined with precise and powerful drums in search for one’s owns kind. Vocals, lows or high screams also fit perfectly into and become the cherry on the cake.

There is no special song to mention on Solaris “The Art of Emptiness” because all songs are played on a constantly high level, but if I had to name my favorite songs it would be “Disconnected” and “Innocence”.

The band offered “The Art of Emptiness” as a name your price purchase on bandcamp.  So if you’re feeling generous you may donate a few bucks so these guys can continue writing/recording quality music. Check these guys out and draw your own conclusions about their music, it will not leave you disappointed.

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