Spiral Cell Releases Underwater Music Video for “Ocean”

One of Colorado’s most favored musical artists Scott Uhl and his progressive/experimental music project Spiral Cell have released a breath taking new music video shot entirely underwater entitled “Ocean”.

Spiral Cell’s Scott Uhl, “The song is called “Ocean” because to me, the ocean is one of the most soothing and gorgeous places on earth. I’ve always loved the ocean ever since I was a kid. But it can also be violent and truly terrifying sometimes too. I don’t like giving away everything of what the song is about to me, because someone might interpret it another way that connects with them more. But the general idea was to represent being confused/lost on where you should go and what you should do in a situation. Lyrically, “Ocean” is presented in a way of asking questions, and get responses that are inconclusive. Visually for the video, we wanted to capture the same thing. We don’t really know what the “mermaids” are doing, or what their objectives are with my character. It’s kind of a mystery, and that makes it more interesting to me instead of an obvious answer of “No question, mermaids are trying to help this guy out.” A little mystery makes it more intriguing in my opinion.”

Video director K. Hunter Lamar “The biggest challenge for our crew was knowing that this entire video was gonna be filmed underwater.  First, we thought about flying to Miami to literally film this in the ocean. Without braking the budget, we then came up with the concept of us shooting in the pool with professional under water housing for the camera, but unfortunately, it was still was way too expensive as well. So lastly, I reached out to some of my production friends back in Texas and LA, and found an interesting fish tank hack/solution to shoot underwater that was affordable and still gave us the value we needed. Putting the camera in the fish tank on top of some towels, worked like a dream come true  and still allowed us to shot most of it in full 8k resolution!! This was my first underwater production as a Director, and knew we were going to encounter some difficult problems throughout the shoot. As a team we were getting tired super quick, it was hard for the actors to hold their breathe for long periods of time. Also wiping down fish tank, camera, and lenses was a difficult task.”
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