Squ1DDoS AOTY List 2013








Full Lengths

Fit For An Autopsy – Hellbound
A Body Divided – [D]elusion
Korn – The Paradigm Shift
Falling In Reverse – Fashionably Late
Fate Worse Than Death – The Worst Things In Life Come To Us For Free
Chimaira – Crown Of Phantoms
Ovids Withering – Scryers of the Ibis
Conducting From The Grave – Conducting From The Grave
Within The Ruins – Elite
The Walking Dead Orchestra – Architects Of Destruction
Spitback – Spitback
Hail To The King – Dynasties
Winds Of Plague – Resistance
Prime Meridian – Dialogues
Saviour – First Light To My Death Bed
A Fight For Life  – Wanderer
Ending Tyranny – Perpetual Greed
Mastic Scum – Ctrl


Towers – Into The Void EP
Immoral – Antipathy EP
Black Tongue – Falsifier EP
A Night In Texas – Invigoration EP
Immoralist – Widow EP
My Home, The Catacombs – Internal Aggression EP
Genocide District – Revolutions EP
The Northern – Imperium EP
Never In Ruin – The Rise Of Titans EP
To Heaven Earth Is Hell – The King EP
In Armistice – Descent EP
Waves Like Walls – Brain As A Weapon EP
Killing In Apathy – Death And Taxes EP
Rebuilt In Time – Horror EP
Dear Desolate – The Fiction Diary EP
Deadlast –Deadlast EP
Death Of An Era – The Great Common Wealth EP

When I get the time, I shall explain my reasoning.  Happy New 2014 EVERYONE!