Squ1DDoS Review – The Last Ten Seconds Of Life – Soulless Hymns










Upon first listening to this CD I was off put by the “nu sound” I was hearing.  I thought I was listening to DevilDriver at first with the way everything was going.  I also found out the reason the CD seemed stale was that my media player decided to play the tracks in a random order not in track order  The CD out of the gate does not have a Invivio[Exvivo] vibe to it but a more refined sound, mature.  Sure it still has the downtempo animosity that we all want to hear, but this tone or vibe is seldom at times, possibly too when I heard it, was not in order.  Soulless Hymns oddly gave me a strange feeling towards certain songs on the CD.  If I had to summarize I swear I was listening to an earlier or later Dez from Coal Chamber or DevilDriver, but downtempo of course. I say this because when it comes to the vocals I hear no difference, especially those lows.   Its deathcore, but more along the lines of hardcore.  I am not praising this cd or anything.  At times it can get a bit dull with the downtempo.  I enjoy it as the next person, but after a while it’s monotonous and overdone.  Of course TLTSOL is about crushing guitars and destructive drumming, but this is a CD that will grow on you.

Listening to the CD beginning to end was rather boring, maybe a couple catchy “old-school” vibe songs that caught my ear, but after finally realizing these guys are wanting to mature from your monotony and progress into a more renowned sound you then come around to enjoying.  Sadly when I first started out listening to this CD my rating of it was rather low.  I was anticipating hearing a pt2 to Invivo[Exvivo] that usually is the way things go.   Bands say their sound is now more mature, but only add more tidbits to their overall sound to mimic growing up.    I was disappointed when I got half way through the CD and was amazed at how much downtempo overkill this CD was pushing out.  Of course there are those breakdowns we all cannot live without, but not sloppy like we want.  As stated before it was in the wrong track order, but still this CD requires you to listen to it enough times to enjoy it.  That is wrong to say, but it’s how I felt once I finally got the track list right.  This is nothing ground breaking or anything, just nice to have and know the boys in TLTSOL are still alive and ready to throw down a beating and turn this world upside down.  I say after reading my review I would strongly disagree.  The CD I first thought was just drawn out, but after finally listening to it and feeling the message as well as the direction I would say you should at least try it out and see what you think.