Stargazer – Interview (2017)

It’s been a while, but, Stargazer has made it’s way back into New Transcendence, this time in the form of an interview. The group emerged back onto the scene this year with it’s well received album Tui La where we, at New Transcendence, got the chance to give that album a review. Now, without further ado, this is the interview held between New Transcendence and Stargazer:

NT: So, in my last experience with you, Stargazer, I went and reviewed your album Tui La, an album which I thought did fairly well for a comeback for you guys to the scene. What all as a band have you been up to, other than touring? Any new material being written or any projects in the works?

MATT- Right now I’d say we’re in a building phase. We’re all learning more about our gear, improving our rigs, getting new merch together, and grinding so that we can continue to tour and expand as individuals and a brand.

NT: Did touring go smoothly, or were there some bumps on the road that made the experience unruly, so to speak, at times?

MATT- Touring has been teaching us a lot about ourselves, how to manage tempers and disagreements, as well as handling things out of our control. Every tour has its setbacks, they’re unavoidable, but if there’s one thing Stargazer knows how to do, it’s taking an unfavorable situation and making the absolute best of it. We always try to keep a positive outlook and have fun.

NT: From what I’ve seen, you guys have been charted very well in iTunes, has that been a cause for any excitement for you as a band, or a feeling of all the work put into Tui La being paid off?

MATT- It was definitely great to see our little album rising up through the charts, and we can’t express enough our gratitude for the support we’ve been given by our fans. This entire release felt like a giant weight lifting off of our shoulders, it was so much effort and time invested, so seeing the fruits of our labor was pretty amazing.

NT: Has the crowd reactions been worth the work put in?

Absolutely, the fact that anyone cares or listen to us makes everything we do worth it.

NT: What are your plans for the future, and also is there anything currently going on that you’d like to go ahead and elaborate on?

MATT- We’re going to be doing a lot more out-of-date gigs and touring to expand our sphere of influence and we’ll continue to push forward and get better at everything we’re doing.

With that all said and done, it looks like touring went astounding and that a lot was gained from this experience as a whole! Hopefully we can expect to see more material from them soon as they climb their way up through the scene. Their Album Tui La is available on most streaming platforms and is available for purchase as well. Check them out when you get the chance.