Steady Decline Let’s The Emotion Flow Through Them

Steady Decline is an Irish emo duo formed by Oscar & Jack. They first met at a gig while playing solo acoustic shows. They joined forces in 2017, and the rest, they say, is history. As a duo, Steady Decline focuses on the emotional side of modern emo, while maintaining a pop presence that keeps them sounding fresh and original.

Their latest single “Erase Me” balances the line between acoustic emo, nu emo and modern pop before giving way to a more modern rock ballad feel. About the song, the duo says “Erase Me is a song that’s been lying around on the cutting room floor for a few years.It’s gone through various versions and during the last two years we finally got around to finishing it and recording it the way we always envisioned with our good friend and producer Ciaran Nevin.”

Listen to it on Spotify now or watch the visualizer on YouTube below.

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