Get Swept In The Current With The Debut Single From Lost In The Current – “Sweet Deceiver”

Forming in late 2018 and becoming an mixologist in Slam, Hardcore, and Death Metal – The newly formed outfit Lost In The Current has released their debut song titled, “Sweet Deceiver“! Notably the band does a very good job at blending the subgenres together to from this unique, peddle to the floor sound. “Sweet Deceiver” gives vision to the bands root sound for their upcoming music in the foreseeable future. The debut track introduces us to the world of Lost In The Current, a group of friends binding together to produce their vision. Lost In The Current played their first show on July 11th and it went off without a hitch! We’ll be keeping our eye on these guys as they progress further in their career!

You can spin “Sweet Deceiver” below:

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