Taproot Release New Track, “V\CT\M \ PLAY” And Announce Tour To Release New Album, ‘SC\SSRS’ (Single Review)



Taproot is back with a bang and their latest release “V\CT\M \ PLAY” is an absolute treat for metal and rock fans. The band’s trademark sound is still present, with heavy riffs and powerful vocals, but there is a new energy and freshness to their music that is sure to impress both old and new fans. The song’s lyrics are introspective and heartfelt, exploring themes of personal growth and self-discovery. The chorus is catchy and anthemic, making it a perfect addition to any rock playlist.

Taproot has also announced a string of upcoming headlining shows, marking the band’s first shows in over six years, and their first tour in over a decade, set to feature special guests September Mourning, Eva Under Fire, Smile Empty Soul, and Heartsick on select dates. The upcoming shows will also showcase the return of original drummer Jarrod Montague, who will join the band for select upcoming shows (with all other shows featuring longtime drummer Dave Coughlin of Sponge), and new full-time guitarist Taylor Roberts (Riding With Killers).

The band has also announced a headlining appearance August 18th at the 2023 NORTHWOODS ROCK RALLY in Glen Flora, WI, as well as their previously announced “reunion” appearance at Blue Ridge Rock Fest in September. (TOUR DATES BELOW)

What sets “V\CT\M \ PLAY” apart from Taproot’s previous releases is the band’s willingness to experiment and incorporate new sounds into their music. The song features electronic elements and a more polished production, which gives it a modern edge while still retaining the band’s signature style. The guitar work is impressive, with intricate solos and heavy riffs that showcase the band’s talent and proficiency.


Overall, Taproot’s return with “V\CT\M \ PLAY” is a strong one. The song is a testament to the band’s resilience and commitment to their craft, and it is clear that they have not lost their touch despite being away from the scene for a while. With this exciting new release, Taproot is sure to win over new fans and cement their status as one of the most influential and enduring bands in rock music.


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