TRACK PREMIERE – Whisteria Cottage Break Out the Heaviness on “Confined”

If you consider yourself a well-versed fan of heavy music, or a veteran enthusiast of the good ol’ breakdown, then you likely already know the Baltimore brutalizers in Whisteria Cottage from their groundbreaking 2009 record, Heathen. If you’re a relatively new head to the scene–or even if you enjoyed Heathen when it first released–then buckle up and get ready to smash that “play” button, because Whisteria Cottage’s 10 year remix/master of Heathen is something you don’t want to miss, and we’re excited to get the party started with “Confined.” Three minutes of classic deathcore energy and intensity with a modern sheen, Whisteria Cottage use everything from scathing leads, lacerating blast beats and bone-busting breakdowns in their assault on the listener. If you know the “old” version of “Confined,” that’s great–get ready to fall in love again–but if you’re new to the band, even better, because you’re about to experience love at first listen. The entirety of Heathen will be made public in a week’s time, but for now, scroll down, smash “play” and let nostalgia’s rose hue turn a darker shade of red once Whisteria Cottage start slamming on your spine.