NEW TRANSCENDENCE EXCLUSIVE!!!! Review: Angel Siren – Revenge of A Poet



Artist: Angel Siren
Album: Revenge of a Poet
Rating: 5/5


Track List:

1. Tonight
2. Life of the Party
3. Devil Out
4. Skin
5. Sixth St. & Ave
6. The Commitment
7. I’d Rather Sleep
8. Watchful Eye
9. Revenge of a Poet


Beaumont, TX’s Angel Siren have been making a name for themselves in their short time as a band. My first exposure to them was when they opened for Powerman 5000 back in November of 2011. I was instantly blown away by their stage presence! When the band started, I began to realize that there was a lot more to them than meets the eye! Shortly before that particular show, they dropped their debut EP titled Until We End which features the hit single, “Who Are We” which has a video which you can see here. 2 years later, they are gearing up for their CD release show in their hometown of Beaumont, TX. How can I put this? Revenge of a Poet is a re-invention of the Angel Siren you thought you knew…and this is apparent from the beginning of the album! With the release of it’s debut single “Tonight” they would step away from the sweet and slow side of the band and focus more on the heavier rock-laden side. Revenge of a Poet was released and fan-funded by a KickStarter program, which I myself donated to, and was very successful. I heard the trailer for the album, and was absolutely floored. Here’s the kicker though: If you thought the teaser was good? Just wait until you hear the full album! Without further ado, I am pleased to bring you my review of Revenge of a Poet, the  upcoming debut full-length album by Angel Siren.

Key Tracks:

Tonight: The debut single from the album, Tonight is a step in the right direction for a band who was already heading so high. Shortly before releasing the track to radio, it was released via Facebook and their official site, Tonight is a track about escaping an unhealthy relationship. “I need to find a way from you, cause it’s all I know. I need to take control” He is telling the woman she needs to make up her mind whether she wants to stay or not. The second verse speaks of the deception that he faced while in the relationship. “I’m missing everything tonight, you won’t let me in. I’m reaching out to you tonight, don’t want this to end.” It seems as though he is the only one in the relationship, much like many relationships nowadays. It is a track about finding who you are outside of being with that person. Amazing track and I still enjoy the hell out of it!

Life of the Party: This track has some of the heaviest parts on the album, Kaston’s bass lines are the key area in most of this track though, they are groovy and dark, just as the meaning of the track. It’s a track about escaping the rock star life and finding the one who he has longed for. I believe that a lot of this album is pulled from personal experiences that BP (Brandon Parker, vocalist) has had.  This track seems like a cry out to her and fighting the demons he has inside that keep him from being with her. “Bury all this anger I have built inside, I gotta find a way to you.” The chorus screams out many emotions and keeps the listeners on their toes.

Devil Out: If you know this band, you will know that they have some shirts printed up with the words “So What If The World Was Only Pretend”. Well, you will notice from listening to this song, the words are lyrics from this track. This track seems to be about escaping reality. “I only want you to believe if you feel you’re ready. Never want you in denial now!” Seems to be saying that he is falling in love with her, but he is unsure and she, herself, is unsure of whether or not she feels the same. It’s also another track about regressing the anger he has built up. “Gotta get this devil out, I need to take control. Gotta get this devil out before I go.” I have always loved this track, from the first time hearing it live up to the many many times I have listened to the album since receiving it from Kaston.

Sixth St. & Ave: This track is about the feelings you get when you fall in love. “Every time I look into those eyes, I get a little weaker. She knows my darkest secrets and that’s the way I plan to keep it.” One of the most beautiful and compelling tracks on the album, you definitely want to listen to the lyrics on this one. It’s a piano/acoustic guitar/bass track/soft drum track that is just absolutely incredible.

The Commitment: This track is about how the protagonist is starting to realize that the fight isn’t worth it. “I’m sick of the fight, it’s every night of my life. I won’t make it to the end, I can’t take it I’m giving in. I won’t let you out and I won’t let you in. Don’t walk away! Don’t walk away!” There is a struggle, due to the love he has for her. If you haven’t noticed yet, the album is really telling a story of love, lies, deception, and greed. Listen to the lyrics in each track and notice how the tie into one another.

I’d Rather Sleep: This is one of the tracks you hear in the teaser for the album. “I know someone like you, someone who don’t tell the truth. I never thought I’d hear a dirty word, fall out your mouth and that’s all I heard. She’s been wrapped up with another man.  You had your chance and you had other plans. And every day is getting colder until that day I’m able to hold her. She says “Baby, I would’ve loved you, but maybe tonight we should sleep.” This track is the part of the story where the protagonist catches his woman with another man. It’s a dark, heartfelt journey through his psyche as he tells how he feels. Part of the track is from the perspective of the man and part of it is being told from the perspective from the other man, or so it seems. This is easily the slowest track on the album but definitely doesn’t take away from the beauty of BP’s voice.

Watchful Eye: This track, at first listen, sounds like it’s a track about the caped crusader known as Batman. However, if you listen to the lyrics, you will notice that it’s a track about the hallucinations that the poet has while on his medication. “I keep a watchful eye I live at night.” I first heard this track back when I saw the band with PM5K, mentioned earlier. However, BP actually introduced it as “I Am Batman”, which was later changed to “Bruce Wayne” and then finally to our final title, “Watchful Eye”. Take this track how you want to take it, but this is my perspective on it. The original name was changed due to copyright issues, which I’m sure is apparent.

Revenge of a Poet: This track is about the poet finally saying “this is it, I’ve had enough” and leaving the woman who we have heard about throughout the album. But he realizes he would rather die than be without her. But there is something pulling him back from doing it. He does, however, realize how different things have become since he caught her with the other name. “If I could’ve saved you, I would’ve saved you.” I think this track is about how he gets revenge and kills her and then himself, from what the lyrics sound like. This is the perfect climax to a perfect album and will leave you begging for me.

Final Thoughts:

Revenge of a Poet is a breath of fresh air to an almost-dying rock scene in Beaumont. The band did an incredible job and made the final product well worth the wait. I felt so privileged to be the first to be able to hear it and take it all in. The storyline is incredible, the lyrics are powerful and the instrumentals are killer! Kaston, BP, PJ, and Jacob did an amazing job, once again and I can’t wait to hear what they have in store next! The band’s CD release will be March 29th at The Gig on Crockett St. in Beaumont, TX featuring the return of hometown legends, Uptown as well as Gabriel’s Last Breath and All Things Undone! Get out there and support the local scene! I recommend all of you picking this album up as soon as it hits their store, Amazon, or iTunes! Remember, this is just my interpretation of the album, there are many many others I’m sure you can pick up on!