Artist: Kandia
Album: All Is Gone
Rating: 5/5


1. Caution
2. New Breed
3. Karma
4. Scars
5. All Is Gone
6. Our Final Day
7. Deviant
8. Noise
9. Everything You Say
10. Blow
11. Done With You
12. Bother

Kandia is a hard rock band from Portugal and they once again prove that the best things in life are foreign. The band consists of: Nya Cruz, Vocalist, Andre Cruz, Guitarist/Songwriter, Bernardo Lima, Bass, and Daniel Silva on Drums. Upon my first listen of this band, having just discovered them randomly, I was absolutely blown away. Their first single “Scars” just hit airwaves and will soon take the world by storm. Little did I know, this track was only the beginning of the massive amount of potential this band has. After hearing the single, I immediately contacted the band to hear the rest of the album. To my surprise, Nya, who is the vocalist for the band, responded very quickly and sent me the album, “All Is Gone”. Believe me when I say, your perception of this band is only at the tip of the iceberg with the release of “Scars”. If you liked the track, just wait until you hear the album. It is my distinct honor and pleasure to bring you what, to my knowledge, is the first review of this masterpiece of an album.

Caution: Not very often do I include intro tracks on an album, but this is an exception. Caution is the perfect opening to this album and I honestly couldn’t see the album going in the way it does without it. It’s an instrumental track with the following spoken words in a robotic tone: “They steal our souls, we lose control. They live our lives, they feed we strive. Corruption: We just can’t ignore.” ┬áThere is a war brewing and we must be ready. We can not throw caution to the wind. We can not sit and pretend it isn’t happening or won’t happen.

New Breed: This track is a track about waking up and realizing that we won’t stand for the corruption and greed in the system. “They steal our souls, we lose control. They live our lives, they feed we strive. Corruption, we just can’t ignore.” This is a track about the struggles behind a government that seeks to take control of our lives, beyond the normal ways they already have. “They steal our homes and truth be told, they sell us lies while in disguise. It’s time to mend our broken world.” Rise up, take a stand or be defeated and have your life run by those who care about nothing more than their prosperity.

Karma: This track has a bit of a heavier feel to it, Nya’s vocals are a bit faster and almost rap-like, but the title says it all. Karma: What goes around comes back around. Lies and greed lead to corruption, corruption leads to a failed system. “Hey, all or nothing. What goes around comes round and round again! You regret nothing? What goes around comes round and round again!” My favorite part in this track, aside from the meaning itself, is the quote you hear in the middle. It absolutely makes this song, it would not be the same without it. It makes it that much more powerful and I’m so glad they included it.

Scars: The first single from the album, they just released a lyric video for it. If you would like to check it out, you can do so here. My first exposure to this band and, as I said in my introduction, this track is just incredible. It’s a little more electronically balanced and not as heavy as the rest of the album, but it doesn’t take away from the power purveyed in this track. It’s a song about taking all that life has coming at you and still going. As you know, scars can be physical, metaphorical, and emotional. These scars are metaphorical, proving that no matter what is thrown at you, you can push through it all. There will always be scars in life. Without your scars, you wouldn’t properly mold into the person you are or are going to be. Whether they be physical, emotional, or metaphorical: scars are a part of life, some are intentional and for those of you who are going to take that the wrong way let me make this clear: I, in no way, advocate self-mutilation, there is always a better way. Find other ways through things and listen to this song, push forward and be what you want to be!

Our Final Day: This track, in the beginning, kind of reminds me of something RED would put out, which is awesome because RED is one of my favorite bands. When Nya’s vocals come in and crush this song, it will have you moving and singing along. “Wind it up, we’re never gonna make it on time! Ya better run if you wanna run or stay if you wanna stay, I’m counting all the minutes til our final day. Time is slowly running out.” This track seems to be a play on the shortness of life. Live life to the fullest because you only have one and you will never get the chance to relive the things you missed if you don’t do them now. This is an absolutely epic track with an incredible meaning behind it.

Deviant: This track starts out very piano-driven and feels very dark, but wait, what’s that?! The rest of the band comes in with a heavy swoop and knocks you through the wall. Nya’s voice gets high and very angst-ridden and then….piano again. What just happened? Where did the heaviness go? I’ll tell you, I think the reason that is softer in parts and harder in others is because it represents the struggle with the demons inside. We all have that anger, frustration, sadness, or whatever demons we may face and we all fight with them daily. This is a track about that struggle. The softer parts are the parts where the demons are calm and the harder ones are the parts where they are trying to break free from their chains. This is one of my more favorite tracks on the album, definitely give it a listen.

Noise: This is an eerie instrumental track that plays into the mood of the album. It’s just a bunch of different noises which set the tone for the next track but don’t listen to the next track without it.

Everything You Say: This is a track about deception. “Everything you say is a lie, I can taste it.” This track is about deception in a relationship specifically. We’ve all been in the type of relationship where we believe everything someone says and then later find out that it’s all been nothing but lies. This track is a play on that feeling and the point where you realize you’ve had enough. One of the more meaningful tracks on the album, in my opinion.

Blow: This track is a play off of the last one, realization that enough is enough. As much as you wanna just let your anger out and destroy the person who hurt you, “the minute you walk right past that door, you’re never looking back! So sick of all the hatred you just let it blow!!!” This track showcases Nya’s heavier vocal styling, and is also one of the heaviest tracks on the album in retrospect.

Done With You: This is a track about the one last chance you give a person to explain themselves before you walk away. “What do you want from me? You better make it clear! Because I’m done with the liars and I’m done with you!” We all want that closure, but not always are we courageous enough to ask for it. Why did they do what they did? Why would they hurt you when you’ve done so much for them? Enough is enough, give your explanation and get out! No one should have to deal with this feeling, but sadly many people on a daily basis do. Women especially are prone to this type of treatment. Hang in there everyone, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Bother: This track is a very piano-driven/electronic track that closes out the album perfectly. It is a play on the last 3 tracks in the fact that you don’t ever want to hear from that person anymore. Once you’re gone, you’re gone and you are never coming back. The memories that the person tries to bring up mean nothing to you. The times you see them will always be filled with hurt now. You just want them gone and never want to see, hear from, or speak about that person again. Again, women are specifically prone to this feeling and I know many of them are going through it now. Hang in there! It gets better, as it’s said “When one door closes, another one opens” That stands truer than true and this is a track explaining that.

Final Thoughts:

This album gave me chills, had me moving, and had me banging my head at points but the fact remains: This band has a powerful message to spread. Keep pushing forward, never give up hope, and never let anyone bring you down. “All Is Gone” is the absolute epitome of what a great rock album should be and I applaud the band for being able to portray the emotion and talent that they have on this record. I recommend any fans of rock of any genre to go buy this album and support the band. They are an independent band who actually depend on the album sales, rather than being label-funded. They definitely have their stuff together and I can’t wait for them to release this and see everyone else’s thoughts on it! Go pre-order your copy of “All Is Gone” or go pick it up in stores on May 27th, either way, BUY this album! You will not regret it! Thank you Nya and the rest of the Kandia team for allowing me to share this incredible journey of an album with you!