New Transcendence Welcomes Kansas City Rapper Jared Cox to the Family

PC: Tristen Lang

New Transcendence is proud to welcome Jared Cox, aka JCO, to the family.

Jared is a 16-year old, independent rapper from the Kansas City area who will be heading the rap, hip-hop and R&B genres of the site. Read a bit more about him, as well as a statement on his addition to the team below:

My whole life, I was into sports. I really thought it was going to be my life. Until one day my brother showed me a song by a Kansas City rapper who goes by the name of Tech N9ne. I was immediately hooked and music slowly became a bigger part of my life. As I got older, I turned to my favorite songs when I had a problem. It was my escape. Now it’s my life.

On joining NT: Since my love for music has grown so much recently, when I heard of NT, interest was immediately sparked. I love reading articles and interviews of my favorite artists. When I saw an opportunity to be a part of something I’d become a big fan of, I considered myself stupid if I didn’t jump at it.

New Transcendence Owner/Co-Founder, Barrett Stephens, had the following to say about his addition the the family: I was introduced to Jared by way of our good friend Tristen Lang, who you may have seen us working with in the past (and will much more in the future.) He approached us about premiering Jared’s first music video, which we’ll be doing on March 3rd, and the partnership grew from there. Don’t let his age fool you, he’s got an incredibly expansive vocabulary that, quite honestly, would put most adults to shame. We look forward to continuing to expand into the genres he’ll be covering and, hopefully, exposing you all to some new talent!

Starting today, you can hit him up at the following email with any requests: