New Transcendence Welcomes Anti Hero Magazine’s Randy Shatkowski to the Family

PC: Melissa Worthley

New Transcendence is excited to welcome Anti Hero Magazine journalist, Randy Shatkowski, to the family! Read his statement below:

Ever since I started downloading MP3s behind my parents’ back on an old iMac desktop and 56k modem as a teenager (pro tip: do *not* let your conservative Christian parents find your collection of Disturbed songs), I’ve been obsessed with music. I write reviews in my head for most albums as I listen to them, and people seem to like reading my thoughts on things, so why not write formal reviews? Whether it’s just a Facebook post or on a website like New Transcendence, I enjoy finding and sharing the best new music I can get my hands on.

I wanted to join NT because I’ve seen a lot of their material pop up recently and they have a real passion for promoting up-and-coming acts, which is exactly what I want to help do.

New Transcendence Owner/Co-Founder, Barrett Stephens had the following to say on his addition to the team: My meeting Randy was purely coincidence but I’m glad that it happened. A few months ago, I was added to a group on Facebook called The H.E.M.I.S.P.H.E.R.E music movement, by our good friend Bradley Dillon from New Fury Media/The Sickest and Randy’s writing with Anti Hero has always impressed me. He has a way of painting a visual with his words, which is exactly what you want in a review. I look forward to showing everyone what he can do, starting with his review for The Day of the Beast‘s The Ultimate Cremation Pyre!

Starting today, you can contact Randy at the following email with any requests you may have: