Up and coming New York artist chaddy. releases new song

Albany, New York based artist chaddy. (stylized chaddy.) is a new wave rap artist that incorporates elements of pop, and acoustics to his music. In 2020 chaddy. made his apperence with his debut song “are u okay?“. Throughout the year chaddy. has released five impressive songs. His newest piece of music “i remember when it was easy” has just been released and features Softgrunge. The new song from chaddy. comes complete with a vibe music video that is the icing on top of an already delicious cake that is his new song. The ambient new song i remember when it was easy is a song that takes listeners back to the days when they didn’t have to struggle everyday. Where they didn’t have to worry about who they need to impress, how much money they needed to have, what type of clothes they needed to wear, or the biggest issue, having to pay bills. This song takes a listener through two different artist styles that blend like a strawberry smoothie. If you want to take a listen to an artist that brings raw emotion with a blend of his own style, then chaddy. is who you want to listen to. Mixing styles ranging from alt-rap to pop-rap, chaddy. is taking over the industry in his own unique way. Mixing elements from his past Metalcore ear grabbing choruses with new style radio pop, he is sure to leave a listener wondering and wanting more!