USA Black Metal Act NIHTWINTRE Announces Their Split Release With Canada’s ALBANACH AR DHEIS


June 30, 2019 – Underground Seattle-based black metal act NIHTWINTRE is very pleased to announce their split release with Canadian act ALBANACH AR DHEIS.

Available NOW on limited cassette and digital formats.

Side A:

Albanach ar Dheis – Mons Grapius

Albanach ar Dheis – Caledonia


All music and lyrics by Månas Reaver

Recorded in 2018 within caverns of unholy torment and suffering

Mixed and mastered by Colin Ryley at Singularity Sound Studios


Albanach ar Dheis is:

Månas Reaver – Orchestrations/Keyboards, Drums, Vocals

Colin Ryley – Guitars

Andy Meyer – Bass guitar

Guest vocals on “Mons Grapius” by Marlee Ryley


Side B:

Nihtwintre – Nightwraith of the Wintercrypt

Nihtwintre – The Tragic path of the Necromancer

Nihtwintre – The Withering Grove

All music and lyrics by Nihtwintre

Recorded in 2018 in Seattle, Cascadia


Nihtwintre is:

Vælfáhlic – all instrumentation, lyrics, vocals, mixing, mastering

Nihtwintre logo design by Dan Capp



Cover artwork by Dusty Peterson

Cassette layout by David Dees

Calgary’s Albanach ar Dheis and Seattle’s Nihtwintre have joined forces to unleash 36 minutes of frostbitten black metal in the form of split EP available 14 May on cassette and digitally. The haunting cover artwork was painted by the renowned Dusty Peterson (Hoth, Bloodbath, Six Feet Under, Mongol, Oceano, etc.). The release is via Seattle’s Epicurus Records.


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Albanach ar Dheis hails from Calgary, Canada helmed by Manås Reaver whose vision for his musical project is inspired by Scottish history. Albanach ar Dheis contributed two tracks to the split. These songs form a narrative story about the Border Reivers – raiders born out of turmoil and death. Who breathed life into anarchy within a nation trapped under boot. They razed encampments with utter disregard for all Roman blood. They are those we call saviors: the bold and the heroic. Albanach ar Dheis evokes the terror and hate that comes with the crushing bitterness of war, the sorrows of the down-trodden, and the tumult of two nations in constant struggle. Albanach ar Dheis showcases a mastery of the genre of atmospheric black metal and does great homage to battles and events long passed.

Side B of the split EP contains three tracks from Seattle’s Nihtwintre. Nihtwintre plays largely improvisational black metal steeped in necromantic black magic and the gloom of a natural world slowly rotting away. These songs are the strongest yet from Nihtwintre and deal with allegorical tales of awakening ancient evils, being tempted by the allures of black magic, and the imminent death of the natural world. Nihtwintre unveils a crushing despair and palpable anger through howling vocals, thundering drums, and cutting guitars. Nihtwintre has never before sounded more competent and more mournful in this powerful follow-up to 2018’s Blight EP.