VA Post-Hardcore Upstarts VARIA Say Goodbye to the Past with “I Had It Wrong”

Let’s face it: 2020 brought a lot of hardship to the music industry. With the pandemic overtaking the nation, along with the world, things slowed to a crawl in ways we could never have imagined. For VA melodic post-hardcore, Varia, it just made things even tougher. With added pressure in their personal lives forcing an abrupt hiatus for the band, following the release of their debut EP In Time We All Unravel, their future was up in the air. Fast forward to 2021, the band have resolved their issues, hit the studio and started recording material that, believe it or not, tops what was a phenomenal debut. Recently, the band released their first single in 3 years, “I Had It Wrong” on a personal note that many listeners will find themselves relating to.

“I Had It Wrong” follows in suit with the nostalgic, heyday of post-hardcore (I.E. Sleeping with Sirens, We Came As Romans, etc) coupled with powerful riffs, catchy hooks and emotional, relatable lyrics. Switching quickly from higher-range singing to an impressive range of scream techniques, this track is just what we’d come to expect from these guys but turned up to 11. The video, which can be seen below, follows shots of a couple who is drifting apart, contemplating mistakes made within their relationship. Even as filled with hurt, disgust and anger as he is, Ryan says farewell to the past, rather than dwell on it. The band has also clearly honed in on their live playing, as there are several shots of them playing as cohesively as ever, as Ryan stands at the helm, demanding audiences attention.

This track is yet another impressive display of how beautifully emotion can be put into song. It’s catchy, visceral, somber and uplifting in ways that only music can portray. Moreover, it’s a greater display of their musical abilities and a reflection of how excited they are to have returned to the scene. What’s next for these guys? Keep your eyes peeled for more info, as this is only the beginning.

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Varia is:

Patrick Ryan: Vocals
Jacob Kent: Guitar
Chris Maconaughey: Guitar/Vocals
Cody Howard: Bass
Scott Maxwell: Drums

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