VARSITY Signs with The Artery Foundation, Releases New Single

NYC 5-piece Varsity has been turning heads since it’s inception in FL, years ago. Originally started as a solo project for vocalist Joey Varela, releasing an EP titled Lights, he decided to relocate over to NYC and start from scratch. The newly formed band, comprised of Varela (Clean Vocals), Javy Dorrejo (Bass/Screams), Chad Joseph (Drums), Marlene Mendoza (Guitar) and Linn Winn (Guitar) quickly gained momentum with the release of the music video for their debut single, “Risen” (filmed by Blackwolf Imaging). Shortly after, the band booked their first tour with Heart At War and In Loving Memory which is set to begin next week! The band has also announced that they will be opening for Jonny Craig (Slaves), Tilian (Dance Gavin Dance), Kurt Travis and Victory Heights! However, today, they made their hugest (and most exciting) announcement to date: Varsity is the newest signing to The Artery Foundation, the management company behind Artery Recordings. With that announcement, they also released a live music video for “Reign Dance (ft. Jonny Craig & Joshy Singer).” You can peep the post below and get excited for their future, we know we are!