Tear your mind into pieces with VCTMS newest single – “Bitter // Relief”

Formed in 2013 the Nu-metal/Groove outfit VCTMS has been turning heads since their birth. The group is from Streamwood, Illinois and has put out one previous ep in 2015 titled “Sickness Vol. 1″. Today they’re back at it again with their new song, “Bitter // Relief”, which you can take a listen below. I can’t stop bobbing my head to it. This is the second single off of their upcoming full length, “Vol. II: Inside The Mind”. The record is set to release March 17th, 2017 through the one and only, Chugcore Promotions. The band is planning a summer tour so keep your little peepers out for that. I was able to talk to their drummer, Meredith, and when I asked them how writing processed differed from their previous work, she had this to say:

The writing process was very different this time around, we started writing this album in 2015 and didn’t have a set direction. We didn’t want to stray away too much from our original sound, but we didn’t want to hold ourselves back by any means. We wrote 1/4 of the album in early 2015 & wrote the 3/4’s in mid 2016, at first the motivation to finish a record wasn’t there as we originally planned for another 7-8 track EP, but when we started to get back into writing in 2016 we ended up demoing out 15 songs total and nine of those songs ended up on the album.” 

We didn’t stop there, I was curious on their influences for the new record, when asked Meredith replied:

“We all have our separate influences as musicians, but me personally I wouldn’t say there was a direct artist influence on this record. I draw influence from a lot of artists / different things, when writing the lyrics for “Vol. II Inside The Mind” I was listening to a lot of Thrice, Citizen, Mat Kerekes, Pvris, Daphne Loves Derby, & Coldplay then if you know me i’m super intrigued in Horror films & sadistic characters such as The Joker or Dexter so I drew a lot of influence from those things as well, I have a strong appreciation for dark backstories. The guitar work differs in this album from the last, it’s more intricate, weird, and unexpected. The whole vibe of this album is personal, it comes from an emotional place that can be relatable to almost anyone.” 

I also asked about the transition of vocals, as the band has switched frontman.

When it comes to the vocalist situation we all wanted John to make the switch. He was nervous and skeptical at first which is understandable because going from bass to vocals which is a major adjustment. Eventually we convinced him and it was the best decision we could of made for this band. John really killed it on the new record, his vocals are aggressive, unique, and just downright in your face. He really captured what we were going for on this upcoming release. “Subdued” was our first single release from the record and that got immensely positive feedback which we were very grateful for. If you enjoyed anything we’ve released in the past then you will definitely enjoy our sophomore release “Vol. II Inside The Mind” thanks for listening!”

We’re super glad you could talk with us! Keep your eye out for Vol. II: Inside The Mind! What are you waiting for, spin that track!

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