VIDEO REVIEW: Asking Alexandria “Killing You”


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WARNING: Video is NSFW. Nudity and violent content.

Asking Alexandria is one of the most easily recognized names in the metalcore genre. With the release of their new album “From Death To Destiny” the band showed just how much they have evolved from their start with “Stand Up and Scream” in 2009.

The first video was based on the track “The Death of Me” and explored the choice of sin and how it was merely perspective. The second video for “Killing Me” is a lot harder to explain. “Killing Me” is lyrically a track about how Danny is killing the one he loves with his choices. It talks about how they stayed when they should’ve left him. I don’t want to go into detail of the story of the video, cause this is one video you need to see to believe. But if I had to give a short summary of the video, it’s about a girl who seems to be hurting her family with her actions. She follows an ad for medicine for her depression and it seemingly costs her dearly in the end. The ending is a familiar scene if you’ve seen the video for “The Death of Me” and it’s a great way to finish a certainly jaw-dropping music video.

With violence, a short scene of mild torture (still pretty graphic), sexual content, and a quick reference to the “Through Sin + Self-Destruction” short movie, this video is a mind-blowing and very shocking video from UK metalcore act Asking Alexandria. You can watch the video below.

Rating: 10/10